There are many facts about aircrafts that have been making the news for quite some time. Some of these include the fact that some of these aircraft are now able to take off and land on their own, such as Tesla when it comes to cars. They have not been used yet for passenger flight, but who knows what the future holds.

But there are so many interesting facts about the fascinating world of airplanes. Below, we will look at 8 quick interesting curiosities about aircrafts and aviation.

8 Quick Curiosities about aviation and airplanes

  • Some planes can fly for more than 5 hours after one of their engines goes out.
  • Black boxes aren’t actually black.
  • A hijacker once relinquished control of a flight for beer.
  • The dirtiest place on the plane isn’t the bathroom. (It’s that tray table you’re eating your meal off)
  • Plane doors can’t actually open in mid-flight.
  • One airline has had no fatal accidents. (Qantas airline)
  • The most expensive First Class seat costs more than $30,000. (Etihad Airways)
  • A Boeing 747 is made up of six million parts

Yes airplanes are amazing creatures, but who built them and for what purpose, or better say, for who. The answer to both questions is the same: humans. So, now, we will see a few facts about the relationship between aircracts and people.

Curiosities and facts about airplanes…and people

  • Sandra Bullock and about 2 million other Americans have aviophobia.
  • Only 5% of the world’s population have ever been on an airplane.
  • Pilots eat a different meal as a rule. This in case there are issues such as food poising, they are not both affected.
  • 3. More than 80% of the population is afraid of flying. That’s a lot. Are you one of them?

But, is it legitimate all this fear of flying? Well…not really!

Airplane crashes are extremely unlikely!

In the last years, on average, each year more than 3 billion people fly safely on 36 million flights and there are 81 aviation accidents, according to the International Air Transport Association. That is the equivalent of one accident per 2.4 million flights. (source Guardian)

Mathematically speaking, the chances for a crash to happen is 0.000041666666666666665%.

And, keep in mind that not all of these crashes cause fatalities. In fact, only around 20% of them do. So do not worry and keep enjoying them beautiful aircrafts…but if you want that extra safety feeling, maybe this video is just right for you

And what about you, what is your relationship with airplanes?
And in case you want to find more cool videos and facts about airplanes, I recommend you these 2 cool YouTube channels ✈️ (Fly Marshall) (Bright Side playlist)

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