How To Be More Lucky!

You may have heard that you can control your luck, but is this really true? In this article, we will look at why being lucky matters and how you can become more lucky. Can You Really Control Luck? Is it possible to harness luck? Many researchers across the disciplines have tried to unravel this mystery. […]

How Technology Will Change the World

The rapid pace of technological innovation may create tensions within societies and between states. Inequality may increase as new technologies are introduced into everyday life, leaving some behind and affecting other people negatively. Technology may also outpace the requisite ethical maturity and regulation, creating social anxiety and political divisions. Especially with the rapid implementation of […]

Self-awareness: A principle you should live by if you want a great life

Self-awareness is when you are able to see yourself clearly and objectively through observation and introspection. However often, with the excuse of lack of time, we proceed with our daily life without giving our inner self time for inner thoughts, limiting ourselves to a mechanical way of reasoning, feeling and behaving, confident that everything we […]

Top 5 Quotes about Destiny (that will help you)

Many people have the same question, “what are the best quotes about destiny? Some people claim that “the best quotes about destiny” are those quotes that encourage you to take action and do something about your life. The problem is that many of the quotes we have come across throughout our lives are just plain […]

Can you control your destiny? Yes, and it start by one simple mindset switch

If you are a skeptic and you asked yourself the question “can you control your destiny?” or “does fate even exist”, then you are not alone. It is an age old argument that science has yet to resolve conclusively but one thing is for sure. Science has made no advances towards proving that you cannot […]

Defining yourself and setting up your own destiny is very important – Here’s why

Defining yourself and setting up your own destiny is very important. It is the first step you need to take to get what you want out of life. There is one major problem though: there are too many people in life who do not know how to define their own destiny. They believe they are […]

The destiny of our world 1000 years from now

The destiny of our world 1000 years from now will be decided by the choices we make. What we choose to do with our lives will determine what happens in future worlds. Will we create a paradise on earth, a hell on earth? What part of the future will we play? Who will live in […]

What is your Destiny?

What is your destiny? If this is a question that has crossed your mind and you are not sure of the answer, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will give you a powerful question to ask yourself as you ponder on the meaning of your destiny. This question will […]