The destiny of our world 1000 years from now will be decided by the choices we make. What we choose to do with our lives will determine what happens in future worlds. Will we create a paradise on earth, a hell on earth? What part of the future will we play?

Who will live in the world? What will their relationship be with humans? Will there be peace? Or war? many questions!

The destiny of our world, is probably the result of our choices!

When we decide what the future of our world will be like 1000 years from today we are choosing our own future. A future that will produce happiness or sadness, good or evil, disease or health. We will all have a choice, and in part we are deciding now.

When we go into our future world, will we choose to be positive about it or negative about it? Will we believe in a higher power or not?

So, how we can make our world a better world in 1000 years?

Legit question, because we will be by a long time gone, right…?

Yes. But we are still defining the destiny of our world.

The first step would be to raise our children properly. Let them learn and follow what their parents did in their lives and teach them value and respect for our world.

This way, generation in generation, we will make the world healthier and better, rather than harming it.

We can also see the future by looking forward, and the mistakes we did. This kind of thinking is called critical thinking and it is the only way to create a better future for our world.

Our world can become a better place in future 1000 years. With change comes wisdom and insight. We can look at the future with a light on and know that it will be bright. We can expect greatness in all things. The future of the world can be the most optimistic place that has ever been seen in human history.

We won’t be there, but our grand children will. Our blood will…and what we do today, defines what the tomorrow will be.

Defines, the destiny of our loved world.

And this way, maybe in the future everyone will have what they want. No longer will people have to fight for what they want. We can learn to find peace within this struggle and become happy with the results, in a beautiful world, our beautiful world.

In the future people will have power, money, and freedom that they have never had before. The future of the world can only be seen if we choose to see it. And it’s you who are shaping it, right now, with your choices and the value you teach other and your children.

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