Sometimes, a photo or a caption hits you right in the feels. It makes you smile and maybe even laugh. But then there’s that feeling of dread—the feeling that it might just be too good to be true. Maybe your good vibes are a fluke and there’s no way it could actually be this awesome. And then there’s instant karma—that moment when you feel so blessed by another person’s randomness or positivity that you do something back to them. This can come in many forms: replying to an anonymous comment with a joke of your own, snapping someone who has made you smile, offering a shoulder when someone is going through something tough, or leaving a helpful comment on someone else’s blog post. The term “instant karma” was popularized by the movie The Adjustment Bureau and is used to describe an action triggered by another person that brings about justice instantly; for instance, if one person smiles at another in passing, they might run into each other years later where things are less than pleasant for the first party. The phrase also describes how we all have access to higher intelligence and can use it at any time to help others or ourselves (think third grade teacher Mrs. Wren). The idea is that when we see another person struggling with something or searching for answers within themselves, instead of leaving them alone we should reach out and offer what little support we can.

How Instant Karma Works

The pattern of karma is that good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people. This is done because the universe wants everyone to have a chance at living a happy life, even if it means giving them a little push occasionally. The idea that you might be able to take advantage of someone’s positive moment by “instant-karma-ing” them is still new to many people but has been around for over a decade. When you “instant-karma-” someone, you are doing something positive for someone who does something positive for you—it’s a trade off in which both parties benefit from the exchange. If you want to try the instant-karma philosophy out but don’t know how, just go ahead and do something nice for somebody else; they’ll probably repay the favor with their own random act of kindness.

Instant Karma Is More Than Just Random Acts of kindness

While the idea of instant karma is a great one, and the feeling that it brings is rewarding, there’s one thing to consider: what if we stop doing these random acts of kindness? What happens when we are all aware that our actions have an impact, even on those who don’t know they were impacted? For example, if everyone was aware that their daily interactions could change someone else’s life for the better—maybe even save them from death—it would be hard to get through your day without making a difference. You might start to take joy in your normal interactions with people because you know that at any time it might just create something special. So while instant karma is a great thing and the action itself is harmless, when the power of it becomes too much for other people or themselves, there’s always a chance for them to take away some of the joy in their lives as well.

Why We Shouldn’t Let Instance Karma Go to Waste

When you see someone else struggling with something, the instinctual reaction is often to walk away and let them figure it out on their own. But this isn’t always the most compassionate option. In fact, sometimes it is best to offer a hand up rather than down. In situations where another person is going through something tough or searching for answers, we should reach out and offer some help. The idea of instant karma can be a little confusing at first because it seems like there are so many gray areas in terms of when it applies; however, one thing that is clear is that we shouldn’t let any instance of karma go to waste. So if you see someone struggling with something, don’t just walk away—step in and offer help!

Why Do People Need Instant Karma?

According to the book The Science of Instant Karma, humans are hardwired to need instant karma. This is because our brains have evolved over time and we’ve had to navigate a number of situations that have required instantaneous reactions. Even today, when you see someone else struggling, your brain can’t help but take a peak at what they’re thinking or feeling and try to help them in some way. Your brain doesn’t care if it’s an anonymous comment online from somebody with a goofy username or a person who has just made you smile—your brain just wants to make sure that other people around you feel good about themselves. So, next time you catch yourself feeling on top of the world for no reason, try leaving another person with some karma of your own.

Ways You Can Give and Get Instant Karma

If you want to give and get instant karma, here are some ways you can do so: 1. Buy a coffee and offer a smile to the barista. 2. If someone bumps into you while walking, smile and say sorry. 3. Give the person in the bus seat across from you a high-five. 4. Offer unsolicited advice if it’s not asked for (i.e., “I’m just saying that because I care about your success!”). 5. Share a compliment or laugh with someone who is struggling/feeling down—just be sure it’s not too personal (i.e., don’t tell someone that they look good when they haven’t showered in weeks).


Everyone is always looking for ways to help and make the world a better place. However, sometimes it can be hard to help someone. This is where Instant Karma steps in and helps you out! Instant Karma is something that gives back to humanity, but in a very simple way. We can help others by doing random acts of kindness, like giving a compliment, volunteering or just being nice. When we do these acts of kindness, we are also helping ourselves. These are things that help us feel good and give us the satisfaction of helping someone else. We should never let Instance Karma go to waste, and we should try to help others as much as possible. With this in mind, I think it’s important for us to help others because we are helping ourselves. Maybe, today we gave a different meaning to Instant Karma? Because I am sure, many of you thought this was that thing you always watch on YouTube, such as below!

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