If you are using YouTube for your business marketing, then you need a huge number of comments on your video, as comments are playing a very important role on YouTube. This is because YouTube counts the number of comments of the videos and gives ranking according to that. Not to mention the engagement rate that goes up.

When it comes to social media marketing whether it’s Facebook or Instagram or YouTube you really need a lot of nice comments on your post, especially while doing marketing. Because it gives a boost to your content rank and also helps to gain more attraction from users, as they see how other people appreciated the same content or service they are viewing.

So on YouTube, a huge number of comments on your videos will get more viewers and will get you more promoted by YouTube’s algorithm…plus a nice boost in the good and old social proof – meaning how other people like you.

So, now the question arises: how to get a huge number of comments on your YouTube videos?

Don’t worry, because I will tell you now a few tips.

Top techniques to get more comments on YouTube videos

  • Reply to all comments: The first technique you must use is to reply to all the comments who commented on your video. As this is the best and simplest way to get more comments on your videos. When you comment back you keep users engaged on your videos. So always comment back and comment back in a friendly tone, of course! Don’t use too formal a way of commenting otherwise you may fail to get more comments on youtube videos, as it seems like you are doing out of duty and not because you actually enjoy to speak to your audience.
  • Comment on other YouTuber’s channels: The next technique you can use is to Look for other YouTubers in your same field. A smart or entertaining comment on their videos are always welcome by the channel owners, and will help yourself too. Yes, because this will help you get attention, and it will also inspire other YouTubers to do the same and leave a comment on your video.
  • Replicate your best performing content: Figure out which content is best performing on your YouTube channel (or on the platform in general) and understand why is it performing so good. Maybe your next video will perform well by having a good video length, entertaining content, video posting time, etc. It can be anything you have to find out and must follow the same thing with your next video. Replicate what works, both on your channel and on YouTube! This is a very important technique to follow because once you find out what is working, it will get easier for you to get more comments on all your YouTube videos. So, get to work and start analyzing.
  1. End videos with Questions: To get more comments on your videos you can try this technique of asking questions at your end of video and ask them to answer it in the comment section. By this you will get a higher number of comments from your viewers. Also ask questions! By asking questions you may get funny comments in the form of answers by this your community and users may get engaged more on reading those funny comments. If you don’t know what type of question you should ask then simply asking typical types of questions to regular subscribers like what kinds of videos they’d want to see in the future is nearly always a certain way to capture their attention. YouTube stars often use this strategy.
  2. Conduct Giveaways: If you have a good product that you are promoting on your videos then you can do giveaways to your subscribers or viewers and add some requiremenet like “comment and share the video to at least 2 people” to enter the giveaway. This is the best way to get more views and more comments too on your videos. Most of the Tech niche youtubers use this techniques for their users to get attention on their channel.
  3. Do Q&A session exclusively to answer comments: You can conduct a Question and Answer session exclusively so that you can answer your audience questions in detail. By this you can attract your audience engagement on your channel. This technique is not that much effective but if you conduct this Q&A live session with some good activity then your subscribers may feel more familiar with you.
  4. Buy YouTube comments. You can also get more comments by buying them. But make sure to not buy spam or bot comments. To get quality comments on your channel and make the investment worth it, buy real comments only, therefore written by real people.

Youtube comments are very valuable when it comes to marketing. In addition, they provide you with an opportunity to stimulate debate and connect with your target audience on a new platform, demonstrating to your channel visitors that your material is worthwhile and that you care about your audience. Also, it is important for ranking and engagement rate, so make sure tu use these tricks to get more comments.

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