Embrace the sounds of nature. It’s not enough just to be in the woods for health benefits, you also need to be able to ‘listen’. A study by Colorado State University and the US National Park Service has confirmed that it is the sounds of nature that make all the difference, triggering the significant health benefits already associated with ‘forest therapy’.

Researchers have found that when people are exposed to the sounds of nature, they experience reduced pain, lower stress levels, an overall improvement in mood and even better cognitive performance.
The sound of water gushing or flowing in rivers was found to be the most effective in achieving positive emotions and benefits for the body, while the chirping of birds helped combat stress and physical discomfort.

To test them, the researchers played recordings from 251 different nature sites in 66 national parks in the US where there is a high abundance of natural sound and low anthropogenic sound. And the reactions were positive for all participants.

“In so many ways, the Covid-19 pandemic has underlined the importance of nature to human health,” recalls the study’s lead author, Rachel Buxton. “As traffic decreased during the quarantine, many people connected to soundscapes in a whole new way, even noticing the birds singing outside the window. It’s amazing how good these sounds are for our health.”

The good thing is that, despite listening to those sounds in the nature life is better, people may listen to them anywhere and anytime, using apps like Spotify or dedicated YouTube channels.

YouTube Channel with Soothing Sounds

There are a lot of YouTube channels with soothing nature sounds, so finding the one for you and your health won’t be an issue. Below, one of my friends’ channels, which features some truly relaxing nature sound. Check it out!

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