The great state of Florida has it all. If you’re looking for a place to call home, then look no further than the Sunshine State. Florida is home to some of the best cities and places in the United States. From Orlando and Miami to Sarasota, Naples, and St. Petersburg, you won’t be able to find a more diverse variety of locations than what we have here in our beloved state. With so many positives about living in this state as well as some negatives that come with it, let’s take a look at what makes Florida such an amazing place to live first.

The Good?

Well, in short…

-Low cost of living
-Quality of life
-Friendly people
-Diverse culture
-Access to nature
-Families are close by
-Affordable homes and condos

Let’s discover a bit more.

Tall Pines and Sunny Skies

The positive thing about living in Florida is that we have so many opportunities to spend time outside. The state has a climate with warm and sunny skies all year round. You won’t have to worry about what the weather will be like when you go for a walk outside– it can be whatever you want it to be! Not only that, but our country’s tallest pine tree (the General Sherman Tree) is located just south of Orlando and can give you some amazing views while you’re out on the trails. On the other hand, some of the downsides of living in Florida include hurricanes, high humidity, and high cost of living. Florida has plenty of good things going for it but also some bad ones. It would be impossible to live there without these cons because they’re literally everywhere…but we will see those later on!

Plenty of Space and Beautiful Beaches

One of the best things about Florida is how much space we have. With a total land mass of more than 65,000 square miles, you’ll never be lacking in places to explore. The Sunshine State offers more than 200 miles of coastline and an abundance of beaches that are sure to keep your eyes and heart content. There are some downsides to living in Florida as well though. The state itself is prone to natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes. States like Virginia and New Jersey have been spared from these issues, but they don’t always let their guard down here in paradise. If you’re looking for a place with less risk of natural disasters, then consider going somewhere different!

Great Food Scene and Cultural Diversity

Florida is also home to a wide variety of cuisine and cultural diversity like no other. Whether you’re looking for sushi, Cuban food, Colombian food, or Greek food, you can find it in your local area. No matter what type of cuisine you are in the mood for, the Sunshine State has it all. Another great thing about Florida is that it has a melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds. This means there will be a huge amount of people from various backgrounds and cultures that will make up the state’s population. For example, out of 6 million people living in Florida over half are Hispanic or Latino. That’s not only diverse but culturally diverse too!

Low Cost of Living and job opportunities

The great state of Florida is a low cost of living and provides high job opportunities for many people. As you know, the cost of living can make it harder for someone to afford their necessities, especially when you’re looking at rent or home prices. In Florida, the average monthly rent for an apartment is approximately $1,000 and the median home price is $186,500 (according to 2013 data). In terms of job opportunities, Florida has an unemployment rate of 5.6 percent and a labor force participation rate of 67.2 percent. To top things off, Florida offers amazing features that every person would love to have regardless if they’re an entrepreneur or just looking for a home away from home. One example includes our natural beauty and amazing wildlife that we have in our state. Florida also has a surplus of things to do no matter what your interests are; whether it’s the beaches or theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando. It doesn’t take long before all these benefits come into play when you decide to move to this state.

The Bad? Pollution…

Pollution is one of the downsides to living in Florida is the amount of pollution you’ll find. With all the tall buildings and construction going on, you’ll find yourself breathing in a lot of fumes, dust, and other harmful materials on a daily basis. But hey, what about all those amazing beaches? The pollution isn’t just bad for your lungs; it can also be dangerous to your health. Pollution from vehicle emissions has been linked to lung cancer and heart disease, which can shorten your lifespan.

Traffic is Terrible and Violent Weather Can Occur

One of the issues with Florida is the traffic. In particular, it can be terrible in Miami and Orlando. With all the people that are moving to these areas, it makes sense that traffic is just as bad. The weather in Florida is another negative aspect of living here. Even though we have a lot of sunshine, being in a hurricane’s path could make living difficult for you. The same goes for tornadoes and tropical storms. When natural disasters occur, there isn’t much you can do about them if they happen near your home or business. There are also some downsides to Florida: crime rates are high and housing costs tend to be higher than what you would expect from a similar location without so many people around. Scrolling through your Facebook feed may feel like everyone has an awesome life in Florida but that’s not always true.

There are Many Incredibly Irresponsible People in Florida

Florida is home to a lot of unfortunately irresponsible people, who don’t care about their surrounding environment. So you can expect to see trash, litter, and disregard for nature all around the state, which is sad considering how beautiful this state can be. Here in Florida, we pride ourselves on being a place where you can enjoy outdoor activities like fishing and boating. Unfortunately, there are some people who choose not to abide by our rules and regulations in regards to those activities. The lack of respect for our natural resources is saddening because it takes away from the beauty that this state has to offer.


Florida is a beautiful place with a lot of good things to offer. The weather is amazing, the beaches are beautiful, the culture is diverse and there are plenty of jobs to be had. But Florida suffers from terrible traffic, excessive violence and weather can be volatile. If you enjoy living in an area with low cost of living and beautiful weather, this is the place for you. But if you desire a more safe and secure area with less traffic, culture and crime then Florida might not be the best choice for you.

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