In this list of the 10 best-selling aircraft models in the world, there are the most popular airline companies that have truly written the history of civil aviation. 

In this special ranking we decided will leave out military aircrafts and focus only on civil aviation. Therefore we left out also the top 3 best-sellers ever (Cessna 172 with more than 44,000 aircraft sold; Ilyushin Il-2 and Messerschmitt Bf 109, both military aircrafts used during the Second World War).

So, let’s get started and see the best-selling airplanes used for civil purposes which fly people around the world every day, whether for a holiday in the Caribbeans or a business trip.

10 best-selling aircraft models in the world (ranked by produced units)

  1. Boeing 737 – 14.956
  2. Airbus A320  – 14,281
  3. McDonnell Douglas DC-9  – 2.k
  4. Airbus A300 / A330 / A340  – 2.6k
  5. Boeing 777 – 2
  6. Boeing 727 – 1.8k
  7. Boeing 747 – 1.5k
  8. Boeing 787 – 1.4k
  9. Boeing 767 – 1.2k
  10. Boeing 757 – 1.1k

(data from Wikipedia)

Looking at the data, we see how Boeing dominates the leaderboard with 7 out of 10 models making it into the top 10. Also, we can notice how the first two spots have huge advantage over the rest of the list, which shows how the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 have been the kings of civil aviation in the last decades!

Boeing 737 vs Airbus A320 – Which one the most sold ever?

The first two places are not that far from each other. While the Boeing 737 family ranks first among the most successful commercial airliners in the world, the Airbus A320 models ranks second if we consider the single aircraft models, with only 700 airplanes produced less than the leading Boeing 737.

And according to the latest estimates, Boeing is building 52 units of 737 per month, while the A320 apparently is building, on average, 55 new aircrafts per month. The difference between 737s and A320 could thus shrink and in the future Airbus might take over the spot as best-selling aircraft ever!

We will see what the future holds and if Boeing 737 will be able to defend his primacy from a rising Airbus A320.

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