Interesting Things About Taurus Zodiac Sign People

Let’s face it, everyone has their quirks. That’s what makes each person who they are. Some zodiac signs are more interesting than others, so here’s a little bit about those interesting things about Taurus people. Taurus is the sixth astrological sign and is represented by the bull. It is one of two sign that appear […]

How Having Faith and Being Religious Helps To Live Better

People of faith are more likely to help other people, and this benefits their health. For example, Christians helped establish the first hospitals, and professional medical care has long been a vital part of missions and ministry to the poor. In addition, people who tithe are on average ten percent happier than non-tithe payers. These […]

How Learning New Things Every Day Is Beneficial

You may wonder how learning new things every day can benefit you. Herrmann defines learning as a mental process that results in a change in behavior or knowledge. Learning is a continuous process, and it doesn’t necessarily require formal education. Everyday life is filled with opportunities to learn. In fact, we can even learn something […]

What are the best-selling aircraft models in civil aviation? The top 10 ranking

In this list of the 10 best-selling aircraft models in the world, there are the most popular airline companies that have truly written the history of civil aviation.  In this special ranking we decided will leave out military aircrafts and focus only on civil aviation. Therefore we left out also the top 3 best-sellers ever (Cessna 172 with more […]

Quick curiosities about aircrafts and their relationship with…humans!

There are many facts about aircrafts that have been making the news for quite some time. Some of these include the fact that some of these aircraft are now able to take off and land on their own, such as Tesla when it comes to cars. They have not been used yet for passenger flight, […]