If you are a skeptic and you asked yourself the question “can you control your destiny?” or “does fate even exist”, then you are not alone. It is an age old argument that science has yet to resolve conclusively but one thing is for sure. Science has made no advances towards proving that you cannot control your destiny so, you can.

As a wise man once said.

You are the result of your own choices.

A common belief is that you will be stuck in whatever situation you find yourself. Some people might think that it is strange that I question the concept of destiny because most people believe that there is no way that you can control what happens to you. This is because most people are programmed through their conscious and subconscious mind to not blame themself as a self-defensive mechanism hence, whatever happens – especially the bad – “it was meant to be”, “it was other’s fault”, or “I tried”.

The thing is that in life thing do not always go as you wish and you will have your bad moments. But your decision and will power will strongly determine what your future (and present) will be like. This is why yes, you can control and decide your destiny with your choices. And by choices I do not mean “go right or left”, but putting the effort and will power to make things happen.

If you don’t want something bad to happen to you then you have the choice of doing nothing or doing something about it. If you are using the power of your mind to create your destiny then the choice is yours.

There are also people that believe that you can have free will and be responsible for all the things that happen to you. And that is the way to go in life. In one simple sentence:

You need to take responsibility for anything that happens in your life. The responsibility is yours. However, even if you can control what happens by using will power or conscious decision making, there are still things that happen that you have no say in like those that come from fate..nope, not fate. That’s the thing: even the “bad things” happen because you either made bad choices, didn’t try enough or simply, you had a day of bad luck. But that’s when you understand that it’s still all on you, you are the player of that game called life and you call the shots.

Might be a bit out of contest with the title, but as one of my favorite quotes says,

It’s a bad day. Not a bad life.

Can you control what is going to happen if you decide not to use will power to control the direction of your destiny? No. The control of your life or “destiny” happens only if you do. And the first step to “do”, is to understand that you have to “do” and take full rensponsibility. And you can control the way you think about things starting today. Sounds stupid but changing mentality is a huge step when it comes to control your fate, destiny, life or whatever you wanna call it. Especially if you come from a passive mindest, like many people out there.

Sometimes it takes a good bit of self-discipline and determination to accomplish what you want. People that know what they want and work hard to achieve it sometimes seem to be luckier than other people. Maybe they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth instead of a spoon full of dough, but often times the reality is that they tried more, they put more work in.

So now the question is, are you ready to do it? If not, that’s fine. But do not blame destiny, or fate. Never.

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