How to make videos in Chinese language for YouTube?

When it comes to online video, there’s no doubt that YouTube is the king of the hill. With over 1 billion active users, it’s the second most popular website in the world, and videos hosted on YouTube receive more than 4 billion views every day. But what if you want to create videos specifically for […]

A few basic yet important tips for entrepreneurs (Yes, they will help)

Business Tips about business growth is something that almost all entrepreneurs would like to get their hands on. Unfortunately, not every business owner gets this advice early enough. It is therefore important for you to know the importance of knowing these business tips, especially if you are planning to expand your existing business or are […]

Use directories for free link bulding and traffic (best working sites list)

I was looking for some ways to promote by blog post for free, and one of them (which is also approved by Google) is directories listing such as article directories or niche websites. But finding good directories wasn’t easy and took a few hours so, to save you some time, I created for the lucky […]

What are the best-selling aircraft models in civil aviation? The top 10 ranking

In this list of the 10 best-selling aircraft models in the world, there are the most popular airline companies that have truly written the history of civil aviation.  In this special ranking we decided will leave out military aircrafts and focus only on civil aviation. Therefore we left out also the top 3 best-sellers ever (Cessna 172 with more […]

Self-awareness: A principle you should live by if you want a great life

Self-awareness is when you are able to see yourself clearly and objectively through observation and introspection. However often, with the excuse of lack of time, we proceed with our daily life without giving our inner self time for inner thoughts, limiting ourselves to a mechanical way of reasoning, feeling and behaving, confident that everything we […]

Top 5 Quotes about Destiny (that will help you)

Many people have the same question, “what are the best quotes about destiny? Some people claim that “the best quotes about destiny” are those quotes that encourage you to take action and do something about your life. The problem is that many of the quotes we have come across throughout our lives are just plain […]

Can you control your destiny? Yes, and it start by one simple mindset switch

If you are a skeptic and you asked yourself the question “can you control your destiny?” or “does fate even exist”, then you are not alone. It is an age old argument that science has yet to resolve conclusively but one thing is for sure. Science has made no advances towards proving that you cannot […]

How listening to meditation music can be beneficial for your health and sleep (science proven)

Music has a tremendous impact on our lives. There was no need of an article or science, surely! You noticed yourself how listening to music can lift your mood, give you energy or even relax you. The effects are always beneficial and can vary on the person and most importantly on the genre. A metal […]

Quick curiosities about aircrafts and their relationship with…humans!

There are many facts about aircrafts that have been making the news for quite some time. Some of these include the fact that some of these aircraft are now able to take off and land on their own, such as Tesla when it comes to cars. They have not been used yet for passenger flight, […]

Defining yourself and setting up your own destiny is very important – Here’s why

Defining yourself and setting up your own destiny is very important. It is the first step you need to take to get what you want out of life. There is one major problem though: there are too many people in life who do not know how to define their own destiny. They believe they are […]